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Finding The Right Copywriter

I get it. It feels like there are a million copywriters out there and you need your messaging to be flawless! How do you know which copywriter will do the best job of writing for your brand?

Here are my suggestions for finding the perfect copywriter:

1. Establish what is important to you.

It could be that you want someone whose values align with your business; If you’re a vegan skincare company, you probably don’t want someone who primarily writes copy for the dairy industry. Or, it could be that you’re doing R&D, and you need someone who can understand the science, and explain it in plain English in your copy. You might be a start-up, so it could be important to you to find someone who does a lot of work for start-ups and understands the crucial stage your business is at. You may even want someone that will meet with you in person, so if you’re Christchurch-based, you’ll want a copywriter in Christchurch.

Whatever’s important to you, start there and it’ll help you whittle things down.

2. Find someone whose style you love!

Once you’ve found a potential copywriter who ticks your boxes from step 1, the most important thing is to read their work! Find out which businesses they’ve worked for and read as much as possible. If they work on similar projects for other brands in your industry and you love their style - you’re on the right track!

3. Find someone as excited about your business as you are!

Once you’ve found someone whose work you love, reach out and have a chat. A big green flag is if they love your business and are just as passionate about your mission as you are.

I offer a free brainstorming session to all of my new and potential clients. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know each other and ensure that we’re a good match.

One final bonus tip is to use freelancing platforms with caution. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are incredible, and you can often find great copywriters there for very competitive prices. However, I say use with caution because, if your target audience is Kiwis, or you’re highlighting the fact that you’re a New Zealand company in your branding, then you want to make sure you’re using a copywriter who understands not just our spelling and grammar, but the nuances of Kiwi communication. You’ll probably want to look for a copywriter in New Zealand, or a copywriter who has spent a lot of time here. A study from found that for every £1 invested in creative, businesses can expect over £20 in increased revenues, a £4 increase in net operating profit and, a return of over £5 in increased exports, so don’t be afraid to invest in your creative outsourcing.

Whatever your criteria for your project, there are so many amazing copywriters in New Zealand, so I’m confident you’ll find someone perfect for your job! If you’re looking for a local Christchurch copywriter, someone with a background in science, or experience working for start-ups, feel free to book a free brainstorming session and let’s talk about your project.

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