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How can a copywriter get you more sales?

If you’re a business owner, you have definitely wondered at some point, how can my business make more sales? If your business is product based, here are two actions you could take to get more sales:

1. The Briscoes method.


I definitely feel like there's a time and a place for a sale. Undeniably, if you’re pushing a big sale, there’s bound to be more purchases, not just from existing customers repurchasing their favourites, or trying something new, but also from new customers who want to give your product a go.

Here’s the thing, that might not be sustainable for your business, if you don't have huge profit margins to begin with, and if you're rolling through offers on your products à la Briscoes, there is potential for your customers to associate your brand with a lower value, they might be hesitant to buy at full price, and they may not be your ideal customers anyway.

2. Focus on marketing.

Instead of running the Briscoes Silly Sale, if you were to take some of the profit from selling your product at full price and invest it in upping your marketing game, you could build a sought-after, high-end brand, find more customers who value your company and your product, and make more sales.

So, what does option two look like? It won't happen overnight, unlike the Briscoes Method, but by investing in building brand awareness, focusing on what sets you apart from your competitors, and showing the world what you have to offer, you can find your ideal customers. Then you don't need to resort to the sleazy salesman or Briscoes techniques, because your ideal customers already want your product, and they'll pay full price, you just need to connect with them.

So, where do I come in?

Well, one piece of the puzzle that is upping your marketing game is revamping your website. If people land on your website and the design is immediately eye-catching, and the copy is engaging, they’re going to spend more time understanding what your business is about and how your product will make their life a little bit better/easier/more enjoyable etc. The end goal, of course, is that they feel like they/their friends/the neighbour’s cat can’t live without your product, and they make a purchase.

You don't need to compromise your brand to make more sales, you just need to find the people who already value your product.

If you’d like a copywriter who loves to write unique, funny, and heartfelt copy, someone who will be your personal hype-woman and show your ideal customers how awesome you are - I’m your gal! Or, if you’d like illustrations, whether it’s a hero image, or a small icon, that makes your website that little bit more special for your visitors, let’s talk!

(By the way, no hate to Briscoes, and thank you for providing me with my favourite frying pan at 70% off)

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