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Looking for something more fun than a traditional maze book? 


A Through the Page Maze follows a path over multiple pages! You’ll need to follow the maze path and climb up and down through the portals in each page to find the way through.


In The Adventures of Frrug, you’ll join Frrug the caveman and his friends while they explore their world, hunt for food, and try not to get eaten by prehistoric monsters! 


Frrug needs your help to catch his dinner, avoid dangerous creatures and hazards, and keep from getting lost on his way home, are you up for the challenge? 


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Follow the maze path.

2. Climb down through a portal to continue onto the next page, or keep going until you get to the bottom of the hole.

3. Once you hit a dead end, or if you’d like to go back, simply climb back up through the portal to explore a previous page until you find the path to catch the biggest fish, or escape the cave!

The Adventures of Frrug


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